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Agenda for the Sixth Meeting of the 2018/2019 Parish Council to be held at 7.00 pm on 18th March 2019 in St Andrew’s Church, Thornhaugh

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Public Participation

4. Police Matters

5. Review, Summary and Signing of the Minutes of the Fifth Meeting of the 2018/2019 Parish Council held on 28th January 2019

6. Matters Arising
i) Telephone Box (Library)
ii) Provision of a Defibrillator in the Village
iii) Hanging Baskets Update
iv) A1 South Layby Update
v) Shell Garage Update
vi) Thornhaugh Conservation Area Appraisal

7. Finance
i) Statement and Bank Reconciliation at 28th February 2019
ii) Annual Donations to Wansford PCC (£190 in 2018) and Living Villages (£80 in 2018)
iii) Timing of Annual Audit and Submission of Expenses
iv) Consideration of a Grant Application from the Augean Environmental Fund
v) New Format of Monthly Accounts wef April 2019

8. Correspondence

9. Any Other Business
i) Planning Application 19/00137 – Maintenance pruning required to 10 trees (apple, cherry, damson, plum) at St Medard House, Russell Hill, Thornhaugh
ii) Planning Application 19/00346 – 1 x Ash Tree – Fell, 21 x Conifer and 11 x Poplar Trees – Fell at 16 Russell Hill, Thornhaugh
iii) Updating the Website
iv) Village Activities 2019

10. Date of Next Meeting – 20th May 2019
This is the Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual General Meeting

11. Closure
Deirdre McCumiskey
Clerk to the Council