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Agenda for the Meeting of Thornhaugh Parish Council to be held at 7.00 pm on 18th January 2021 via Zoom

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Public Forum

4. Police Matters

5. Review and Summary of the Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 16th November 2020

6. Matters Arising

i) Footpaths
ii) Defibrillator
iii) Christmas Tree

7. Planning Applications

i) Planning Application 19/01889 Change of use from an agricultural field and woodland to form an adventure play scheme including erection of indoor play and visitor amenity barn, a supporting toilet and changing block, staff welfare facilities, outdoor play equipment and car park at Land off Sutton Heath Road, Southorpe – Objections – Awaiting Decision

ii) Planning Application 20/00733 Erection of new play area within existing leisure site at Sacrewell Farm, Thornhaugh – No Objections – Awaiting Decision

iii) Planning Application 20/01178 Fell 4x Leylandii trees, 2x Cherry trees, 2x Fir trees, 1x Willow tree (All tree adjacent to dry stone wall) & Fell 6x Leylandii trees (Rear right side of garden/corner bordering Manor Farm) at 21 Russell Hill, Thornhaugh – Taking Tree Officer’s Advice – Permitted

iv) Planning Application 20/01537 Remove Cherry Tree and replace further from property at 1-3 Meadow Lane, Thornhaugh – Permitted

v) Planning Application 20/01547 Proposed loft conversion with front and rear dormers, a new front porch and ground floor alterations at Alkenray, Meadow Lane, Thornhaugh – Awaiting Decision

vi) Planning Application 20/01680 Variation of condition C1 and C2 (to revise the order of approved phasing and allow the storage of Hi-pod containers) pursuant to planning permission 17/00726/WCMM at Thornhaugh Landfill Site, Leicester Road, Thornhaugh – Awaiting Decision

vii) Planning Application 20/01688 Discharge of conditions C1 (3 years), C2 (Cross section drawings), C3 (Stoneworks), C5 (Ventilation gap), C6 (Timber Permission), C7 (Ventilation details), C8 (Building regulations), C9 (Re-used Ironmongery), C10 (Removal method) and C11 (Plans) of Listed Building Consent 18/01779/LBC at The Old Dairy, Home Farm, Leicester Road, Thornhaugh – Awaiting Decision

8. Correspondence

9. Finance

i) Bank Signatories
ii) Statement and Bank Reconciliation at 31st December 2020
iii) Budget and Precept 2021-2022

10. Any Other Business

i) Speeding Motorists Flier

11. Date of Next Meeting – 7.00 pm on 15th March 2021

12. Closure
Deirdre McCumiskey
Clerk to the Council


Deirdre McCumiskey
Stamford 782668