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During the past year the Parish Council met eight times at St Andrews Church with the exception of the April 2011 meeting which was specifically called to discuss development of Seven Summers, which was held on site.

Throughout the year several planning applications have been considered; the most notable of those was the proposed extension at the Thornhaugh Quarry on the A47, although this is not a popular application it was bound to go ahead, and the main thing to consider in the future, is that Augean keep within their planning conditions, so this will always need constant monitoring. I would like to thank Martin Witherington for his hard and time-consuming work in attending meetings and compiling reports on the matter.

Several members of the public attended meetings throughout the year and they are always very welcome. Various issues were brought to the Council’s attention which varied from road signage to dog fouling, both if these have been dealt with but I should imagine that the latter will return at some point.

The winter weather proved to be again quite harsh for a period of time, but as it continued people became more use to dealing with it and the extra grit bin was very useful.

The phone box which was purchased by the previous Parish Council was put to excellent use by this Parish Council in the form of a book exchange and has proved extremely popular with some very nice comments in the visitor’s book. I would like to thank Brian and Penny Watts and also Sue Meacock for their work on this project.

The A 1 central crossover remains closed, with a planned permanent closure built towards the end of this year. As far as I am aware we have yet to receive any firm dates or proposals for the improvement of the northbound entrance.

RAF Wittering as everybody knows lost the Harriers which caused a lot of speculation as to what would happen to the base. Brian Watts attended a meeting in November of last year given by Group Captain Richard Knighton in which the Group Captain said that any decision affecting Wittering would not take effect for at least two years, there was also an update given this morning and will be discussed in the next Parish Council meeting. A letter of thanks was sent to RAF Wittering for their kind invitation to a Christmas Lunch held at the camp. Four of our parishioners attended and apparently a good time was had by all.

This year has seen Thornhaugh Parish Council’s website go live ( and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to it. It looks most professional and I am sure that parishioners have found it useful for keeping up to date with the Parish Council’s minutes.

An issue arose during last year with The Christie Hall at Wansford; the Royal British Legion wants to in effect double the rent for the hall – Thornhaugh pays a contribution to this based on electoral numbers, so a letter was sent to the Royal British Legion by Wansford Parish Council asking for reasons for such a high increase and also examples of business rent going up by the same amount for other similar properties, to date, I have not received any further correspondence, and this will need following up in the near future.

Thornhaugh and Wansford Burial Ground committee continue to do a good job in keeping the church grounds in a neat tidy condition, and we would like to invite them to put their meeting minutes on our website.

The need to replace the bench on Russell Hill, (the old one is in a very poor state) is in hand, with plans to buy a new one very soon.

The Parish Council’s finances remain on a sound footing, audits are now in progress and suggestions from parishioners to improve or add anything to the village are always welcome.

I would like to thank our clerk, Deidre for keeping us all up to date with any issues that have arisen and for her prompt efficiency in all matters.

As many of you will know my wife and I have put our house on the market, our intention is to move to Stamford, but as always these things take time so I will remain a member of the Parish Council until our property is sold.

So that now concludes the first annual report of Thornhaugh Parish Council duly elected in 2010.