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During the past year The Parish Council met six times at St Andrews Church.

Several members of the public attended meetings throughout the year and they are always very welcome. Various issues were brought to the Council’s attention which varied from speeding through the village to dog fouling, the matter of speeding is still on going and will hopefully reach some sort of conclusion in the near future.

One major project that finally went ahead was the work to close the turn off from the A1 south bound into the village, improvements to the pull in outside the four houses on the south bound A1, the removal of Bus shelters and improved signage for the north bound junction all of which has been carried out successfully.

Throughout the year several planning applications have been considered and approved or rejected with no real problems.

The winter weather proved to be again quite harsh for a period of time, but as it continued people became more use to dealing with it, and although the grit bin was stolen from the A47 turn in it didn‘t seem to affect things too much and has now been replaced with something old looking which will probably deter people from taking it.

I attended a briefing at RAF Wittering earlier in the year given by Captain Richard Knighton and despite loosing the Harriers the base remains extremely busy with a lot of personnel based there including the home base for the Bomb Disposal Squadron and also the Mobile Catering Squadron. The airfield is due to open again in June but only for training purposes, 57 reserve squadron will move there no later than March 2013. A letter of thanks was sent to RAF Wittering for their kind invitation to a Christmas Lunch held at the camp.

The Thornhaugh book exchange in the old phone box has remained extremely popular with lots of positive comments in the visitor’s book. I would like thank Brian and Penny for keeping their eye on it and all others involved in keeping it well stocked.

The Thornhaugh Parish Council’s website ( ) has proved a good place for people to access to keep up with the minutes of the Parish Council meetings and for any other up dates that affect the village.

The issue of the increased rent at The Christie Hall which in effect would have doubled the rent for the hall, has now been resolved and the rent will remain as before, – Thornhaugh pays a contribution to the Christie Hall rent based on electoral numbers, so any increase would have affected Parish Council funds.

Thornhaugh and Wansford Burial Ground committee continue to do a good job in keeping the church grounds in a neat tidy condition, and they now put the minutes of their meetings on The Parish website.

The bench on Russell Hill has now been replaced with a smart new one which was very kindly financed by a grant organised by Councillors John Holdich and Diane Lamb.

A Jubilee Celebration Party has been organised for the 3rd of June and tickets sales have far exceeded expectations and to date 160 tickets have been printed and all sold. A lot of people in the village have and will on the day put in a great deal of time and effort in organising this event and it looks to be an entertaining time.

The Parish Council’s finances remain on a sound footing, audits are now in progress and suggestions from parishioners to improve or add anything to the village are always welcome.

I would like to thank our clerk, Deidre for keeping us all up to date with any issues that have arisen and for her prompt efficiency in all matters.

So that now concludes the annual report of Thornhaugh Parish Council duly elected in 2011.