The following is information from Peterborough City Council:

If there are any residents within Thornhaugh that support a family member (partner/spouse/relative) on a regular basis (who have a longterm health condition or a disability) yet do not recognise themselves as Carers then please note that there are three voluntary organisations available to help:

Making Space – support carers who have to care for someone with a Mental Health condition. 
Tel: 01480 211006 
Centre 33– supporting young carers up to the age of 25
T: 0333 4141809         
Text/Whatsapp:  07514 783745
Caring Together for Adult Carers 
Tel: 0345 241 0954 or 01480 499090
0345 241 0954 or 01480 499090 
Additional information is available in this downloadable PDF file: What If Plan – Cambridgeshire