Neil Croft-Taylor

Hi, I’m Neil, I live in Thornhaugh with my husband and numerous pets having moved here from nearby Wansford 8 years ago.

I’m a hairdresser by trade and have the pleasure of working from home. I have many interests including gardening, DIY and travel. All of which have helped create a beautiful home from a derelict cottage.

Camilla Plumb

Hi, I’m Camilla (Millie) Plumb and am 25 years old.

I’m a Leicester University Law graduate and am currently a trainee solicitor, practicing in Peterborough. However, I have a PGCE in secondary geography and taught 11-18-year-old geography last academic year.

I moved to the village in January 2022, with my partner Alex, after purchasing our property in October 2021. We are fully renovating it and therefore most of those that know us will see us full of dust and in holey old clothes most of the time!

I love all sports and anything outdoors. I’m an ex-lightweight England rower and GB triallist.

When I’m not playing sports or full of dust, I love baking/cooking. I also love gardening.


Yana Clipsham

Hi, I’m Yana Clipsham, I’ve lived in Thornhaugh for 35 years. I have 2 daughters and 6 Grandchildren all living locally.

My career was in Nursing and leading up to my retirement I was the local District Nurse for 19 years, having gained a degree in health and social care.

My hobbies include walking, yoga and helping my husband (Keith) with his bees. I am Chairman of Stamford and Bourne Beekeepers and we manage 20 hives in Thornhaugh supplying honey to the local Community.