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Minutes of the First Meeting of the 2013/2014 Parish Council held at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 11th September 2013 in St Andrew’s Church, Thornhaugh

William Rogers (Chairman)
Liam Higgins
Ian Molesworth
Brian Watts
Martin Witherington

One Member of the Public
Diane Lamb, Ward Councillor
Deirdre McCumiskey, Clerk to the Council

There were apologies for absence from John Holdich

There were no Declarations of Interest in any items on the Agenda.

The Member of the Public did not have any issues to raise.

4. MINUTES of the Inaugural Meeting of the 2013/2014 Parish Council held on Tuesday 9th July 2013 were reviewed, approved and signed by the Chairman.

Proposed by:- William Rogers
Seconded by:- Brian Watts


i) Home Farm Matters

Martin Witherington had no new matters to report.

ii) Village Sign

Brian Watts confirmed that Glyn Mould had been given the go-ahead to start producing the Village Sign He will meet with Glyn Mould to confirm the exact location for the positioning of the Village Sign which will be in an east-west position behind the stone on The Triangle.

iii) Time Capsule and 60th Anniversary of Queen’s Coronation Celebrations

Ian Molesworth agreed to look into the purchase of a suitable Time Capsule.

iv) Thornhaugh Parish Council Records

Brian Watts confirmed that the Thornhaugh Parish Council Records will be taken to Peterborough Records Office on 16th September 2013.

v) Relocation of Benches

William Rogers had brought along details of benches from Woodberry of Leamington Spa. It was agreed to purchase three of these and place them along the footpaths.

vi) Website (TEA)

The Parish Councillors were favourable to Liam Higgins’ suggestion of a TEA Page on the Parish Council Website and possibly other local organisations such as the Thornhaugh & Wansford Burial Ground Committee. Liam will liaise with John Allsopp, Website Manager and bring along an example to the next meeting. In the meantime, it was agreed to look at other Parish Council Websites to ascertain how they included information about local organisations whether by use of a page on the Parish Council Website or a link to the local organisation.

vii) Relocation of the Pedestrian Sign

There will be no further action on the relocation of the Pedestrian Sign.

viii) Dog Foul

It was noted that an irresponsible dog owner is collecting dog foul in black plastic bags but, rather than depositing the bags in the dog foul bins, is leaving them on the roadside. As no Dog Warden or other person is employed to collect these bags, it is essential for the person concerned to take responsibility for this task.

ix) Speeding/Dangerous Driving in the Village

Diane Lamb stated that she was involved with trying to lower speed limits in local villages. She will ask Peter Tebb and Brian Rowcroft, both of PCC to visit the village and meet with some of the Parish Councillors to ascertain the possibility of lowering the speed limit in the village. Brian Watts said he had seen a “Quiet Lane, priority to Pedestrians, Cyclists and Horse Riders” sign in Sutton and the Clerk will contact the Sutton Parish Council Clerk to obtain further details.

Overgrown Trees/Back Road Hedges

The Clerk was asked to contact Matthew, Head Groundsman at Thornhaugh Hall, to request that the dead tree on the footpath is removed.


The Planning Inspectorate – Approval of Planning Application by Augean South Ltd for an Order Granting Development Consent for East Northants Resource Management Facility (Noted)

TEA – Village Sign (Noted)

PCC – Approval of Planning Application 13/00733 Refurbishment, repair and alterations to Mill complete at Mill House, Great North Road, Thornhaugh (Noted)

Sweet – Village Sign (Noted)

PCC – Approval of Planning Application 13/00629 Temporary permission for 8 mobile buildings at Leedsgate Farm, Kings Cliffe Road, Wansford (Noted)

PCC – Planning Application 13/01265 Consultation on Conservation Area Trees Notification Fell 1 x Walnut and fell 1 x Blue Atlas Cedar at Greyside, Russell Hill,Thornhaugh (Noted)

Parish Watch (It was felt that Parish Watch should disband because, if an issue arises that is significant to more than one Parish Council, it would still be possible to arrange a joint meeting to discuss the issue)

Augean plc – Site Open Day (Noted)


i) Statement and Bank Reconciliation at 31st August 2013 was reviewed and approved as presented

Proposed by:- William Rogers
Seconded by:- Brian Watts


i) Road Drains

It was noted that the drain cover at the top end of Meadow Lane is full of debris and needs clearing out. The Clerk will report to the Highways Department. It was also noted that the drain half way up Russell Hill needs attention. The Clerk will report to Anglian Water.

ii) Parish Boundaries

Brian Watts agreed to investigate putting the Ordinance Survey Map which depicts the Parish Boundary onto the Website.

iii) Diverted Footpath No. 4

Brian Watts reported that the above Footpath needs maintenance as it is barely passable, proper signage as the route is unclear and a bridge erected due to potential Health & Safety concerns. The Clerk will contact Mr Garnham, PCC Footpaths Officer.


A discussion took place about the pros and cons of considering an amalgamation of Thornhaugh Parish Council with Wansford Parish Council (should Wansford Parish Council be interested). The pros are a reduction in the cost of running the Parish Councils and the cons are that there would likely be a minority of Thornhaugh Parish Councillors (due to proportional representation) on an amalgamated Parish Council.


The Second Meeting of the 2013/2014 Council will take place at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 6th November 2013 in St Andrew’s Church.


There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20 pm



SIGNED _________________________________ DATE 06/11/13