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Minutes of the Meeting of Thornhaugh Parish Council held on 15th November 2021 in St Andrew’s Church, Thornhaugh

Chris Smith (Chairman)
Louise Molesworth (Vice Chairman)
Ashleigh Kewney
Adrian Rodgers

Camilla Plumb (Member of the Public)

There were apologies for absence from Martin Lewis, Deirdre McCumiskey, Hannah Joyce and Gavin Elsey, Peterborough City Ward Councillor.


Camilla Plumb introduced herself, having purchased a house in the village recently. She brought with her some of the proposed plans/ideas they have for renovating the house to allay any concerns that residents might have about major building work. She has also volunteered her support for the Jubilee Event next year.

Hannah Joyce sent apologies for not being able to attend the meeting but wanted to volunteer her support for the Jubilee Event.

There were no police representatives present. No-one was aware of any recently reported crimes.

5. MINUTES of the meeting of the Thornhaugh Parish Council held on 20th September 2021 were reviewed, approved and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed by:- Louise Molesworth
Seconded by:- Ashleigh Kewney


i) Defibrillator
The following people so far have confirmed interest in the training. Lawrence Hall, Diane Dunlop, Nikki Higgins and Stuart Foreman. Anecdotally others have confirmed to Louise Molesworth that they are interested. Louise will remind people at the Christmas Tree Event to sign up formally so we can assess numbers. The training will likely be held in the Christie Hall.

ii) Footpaths
Contact made with Lindsey Freeman who confirmed she is happy in principle to support a Footpaths’ Group to help manage issues. Her thoughts were that the group would cover more than Thornhaugh as part of a wider remit. We have yet to discuss this further with Lindsey, however Peterborough City Council (PCC) will not provide landowners’ names and contact addresses so once Lindsey is free to talk further, we can work out how to get that data and how a Footpaths’ Group would work.

iii) Living Villages
The November Edition confirmed that a new editorial team had been found to take over the magazine, so we won’t have to say goodbye. Our thanks go to the whole Living Villages’ team for their support over so many years and we welcome the continuity that the new Editor Craig Bunday, will bring.

iv) Hanging Baskets
Autumn baskets are in place. The old summer baskets have had to be left on the verge under the new ones because PCC are not collecting garden waste until January. If anyone can dispose of them before then the Thornhaugh PC would be grateful, if not they will go in January when the PCC has advised garden waste services should resume.

v) Christmas Event
The tree once again has been kindly funded by the Bill Rogers’ Memorial Fund. Nicky Rogers has produced a flyer and will distribute in due course. The Event is scheduled for 6pm on 12th December 2021 at the triangle on Meadow Lane and the carols will be accompanied by the Wansford Ukulele Group.

vi) Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
Louise Molesworth is leading on the event for the Parish Council but she can’t do it alone. Alongside other Councilors, so far offers of support have come from Joan and Alan Frost, Hannah Joyce and Camilla Plumb. Please let Louise or Deirdre know if you can help and have ideas on what sort of event you might like to have.


i) Statement and Bank Reconciliations at 31st August 2021 was reviewed and approved as presented.
Proposed by:- Louise Molesworth
Seconded by:- Ashleigh Kewney
Adrian Rogers confirmed that all was on track with the funds. The second part of the precept has been received and we are still on track to have around £4k in funds at the end of the year. It was agreed that a discussion relating to the setting of an appropriate level of reserves be added to the agenda for the next meeting.

ii) Internet Banking
It was agreed that changes in the operational management of the bank account with Barclays were not necessary since a policy relating to Financial Management is already in place. Adrian Rogers will once again approach Barclays regarding electronic access to the account for him to provide backup for the Clerk.

iii) Insurance
Annual insurance renewed with new provider. 3-year deal in place. Insurance covers any volunteers working
on behalf of the Parish Council (eg litter pickers)


i) E-mail from Lucy Sharpley regarding a footpath blockage by a fallen tree

ii) General Newsletter produced and delivered in October 2021


i) Planning Application 21/01012 – Front porch & garage extension converting existing garage into home office including dormer window at 5 Home Farm Cottages, Leicester Road, Thornhaugh – Approved

ii) Planning Application 21/00873 Replacement of 3 metal windows on front elevation and 2 metal windows on rear elevation at Browetts Cottage, 6 Russell Hill, Thornhaugh – Approved

iii) Planning Application 21/01225 – Construction of a first-floor loft conversion above an existing garage at St Medard House, Russell Hill, Thornhaugh – Awaiting decision


i) Road Closures
A complaint has been lodged regarding the problem caused by PCC in closing both the A1 and the A47 entrances at the same time, with neither contractor aware of the other works taking place.

An e-mail has been received from Peter Tebb of PCC with apologies for the confusion caused by the emergency works. He has acknowledged that more should have been done to inform residents and better communication between the two contractors about an escort service through the A47 works to allow residents to access the village. He is committed to ensuring this does not happen again.

ii) Memorial Wreath
A donation was made by Chris Smith to purchase a Poppy Wreath on behalf of the Parish Council. In the event Stuart Foreman placed a previously purchased wreath on the memorial in order that more of the donation money would go to the British Legion.

iii) Garden Waste
An exchange of emails has taken place with PCC regarding the withdrawal of garden waste collections at a key time of the year without them offering an alternative solution. Despite asking twice they have not taken on board the difficulties caused and are blaming the lack of drivers and the fact that HGV training has a major backlog. There would appear to be nothing more that they are prepared to do. Residents are still awaiting their refunds for the withdrawn service.

iv) Pumpkin
Grateful thanks to whoever disposed of the pumpkin at the end of Meadow Lane.

v) Parish Council Elections
Parish Council Elections are due to be held in May next year. It was agreed that this will be an agenda item for the next meeting in January to manage the election process appropriately to ensure continuity.

vi) Peterborough City Council Land Transfer
It has been reported that Peterborough City Council has transferred ownership of the turning area in Meadow Lane without following any form of consultation with residents or due process. The Parish Council has concerns about the way Peterborough City Council has handled this and what the repercussions might be both for Meadow Lane residents in terms of the loss of an amenity (turning space for cars, emergency vehicles, etc) that has been in place for many years and what precedent this might set for any other areas of City Council/Highways land. It was agreed that the Chairman would write to PCC to seek an explanation about why due process was not followed, and to seek confirmation of what conditions were attached to the transfer such that the space can continue to be used by residents as it has been for a significant period.

vii) Speeding
There is still a lot of speeding through the village, on many occasions from residents themselves not people passing through. Next Newsletter to ask for support to commit to the speed limits in the village – as a reminder this is 20mph in the village itself, 40mph on the approach from the A47 to the outskirts of the village. Speed signs are in place.

vi) Memorial
It was noted that the Parish Council would like to do something to commemorate Hubert Warren’s services to the village following his sad passing. Louise Molesworth confirmed that she will also discuss this with the Burial Ground Committee to ensure no duplication.


Future Meeting dates have been agreed as:
17th January 2022, 21st March 2022, 16th May 2022, 18th July 2022, 19th September 2022, 21st November 2022

The next meeting of Thornhaugh Parish Council will take place at 7.00 pm on 17th January 2022 in St Andrew’s Church.


There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.05 pm.

SIGNED _________________________________ DATE 17th January 2022