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Minutes of the Meeting of Thornhaugh Parish Council held on 16th March 2020 in St Andrew’s Church, Thornhaugh

Chris Smith (Chairman)
Louise Molesworth (Vice Chairman)
Ashleigh Kewney
Martin Lewis
Adrian Rodgers

Laurence Hall, Alan Frost and Robert Reeve (Members of the Public)
Deirdre McCumiskey, Clerk to the Council

The Chairman opened the meeting by asking whether or not those attending were comfortable to be there and confirmed that all attending should remain 2 metres apart and that the meeting would address urgent matters only. Further meetings would be conducted via telephone conference if possible. Ashleigh Kewney is going to make enquiries about how this could be set up for the next scheduled meeting – 18th May 2020.

There were apologies for absence from Peter Slinger, Green Party Candidate for the Peterborough City Council Elections 2021. He stated that if Diane Lamb resigns before Christmas 2020, it will trigger an election if she resigns after Christmas 2020, it will not.

Adrian Rodgers declared an interest in 7 vi) Planning Application 20/00277 as it is his property.

The Members of the Public had no issues to raise.

There were no police representatives present. No crimes were reported.

5. MINUTES of the Meeting of Thornhaugh Parish Council held on 20th January 2020 were reviewed, amended to note that Gavin Elsey is the Conservative Candidate standing for election to replace Diane Lamb and not currently a member of Peterborough City Council. With that amendment, the Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed by:- Louise Molesworth
Seconded by:- Chris Smith


i) Defibrillator
The Chairman reported that she is still awaiting a response from the Diocese. She has sent an e-mail to Rev J Tailby for an update. A dedicated bank account is being used and, so far, two donations have already been received and put into the bank account. Two further donations were received at the meeting.

ii) Thornhaugh Heritage Project
Martin Lewis would be arranging a meeting for interested residents in April 2020 but, due to the Coronavirus, this would have to be delayed and a new date arranged when appropriate.

iii) Augean Community Fund
The Chairman stated that a list of potential projects with rough costings needs to be finalised for discussion with Grantscape.

iv) Possible Breach of Planning Permission
The complaint has been withdrawn as the resident had already complained directly to Peterborough City Council. An investigation had been undertaken and no breach was found.


i) Planning Application 19/01300 Demolition and redevelopment of land for an Electric Vehicle Charging Station providing 20 electric car charging points at Abbotts Wood Service Station, Great North Road, Thornhaugh – Permitted

ii) Planning Application 19/01195 Removal of 5 existing portacabins, leaving 3 remaining portacabins for ongoing security purposes at Leedsgate Farm, Kings Cliffe Road, Wansford – Awaiting Decision

iii) Planning Applications 19/01604 & 19/01605 (LBC) Erection of a Shed in garden to north of dwelling at Croft Farm, Meadow Lane, Thornhaugh – Permitted

iv) Planning Applications 19/01795 & 19/01796 (LBC) Change of use of ground floor to A3 (Restaurant). first floor to C1 (Residential Guest Accommodation). The conversion and change of use of vacant stable building to A1 (Shops) and minor alterations to the stable courtyard buildings. Change 2 windows to doors (reinstatement on west elevation of Farmhouse and east elevation of stables west range) at Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre, Great North Road, Thornhaugh – Awaiting Decision – No Objection/Comments submitted.

v) Planning Application 20/00040 Replacement of 4 existing front and 3 existing rear windows and 1 Set of French Doors at Apple Acre Cottage, Russell Hill, Thornhaugh – Awaiting Decision – No Objection/Comments submitted.

vi) Planning Application 20/00277 Removal of large single Conifer at back of house due to concerns of damaging house in high winds at St Medard House, Russell Hill, Thornhaugh – Awaiting Decision – No Objection subject to the Tree Officer’s approval.

vii) Planning Application 19/01889 Change of use from an agricultural field and woodland to form an adventure play scheme including erection of indoor play and visitor amenity barn, a supporting toilet and changing block, staff welfare facilities, outdoor play equipment and car park at Land off Sutton Heath Road, Southorpe – Awaiting Decision – Objection Submitted.


There was no further correspondence that had not already been circulated.


i) Statement and Bank Reconciliation at 29th February 2020 was reviewed and approved as presented.
Proposed by:- Louise Molesworth
Seconded by:- Chris Smith

ii) Bank Signatories
Ashleigh Kewney and Martin Lewis will visit Barclays Bank to obtain certified copies of their personal details and addresses so that the Mandate Form can be completed and submitted.

iii) Financial Procedures Document
This has been pre-circulated. Version 0.2 incorporates comments from Adrian Rodgers.

iv) Annual Donations
It was agreed to donate £85.00 to Living Villages and £190.00 to Thornhaugh with Wansford PCC.


i) State of Grass Verges
The verges are very churned up, not helped by diverted traffic during recent A47 closure. This is inevitable with the amount of building work and large vehicles going through the village. Hopefully, once work has been completed, the verges will be restored. This is difficult to do while heavy vehicles are still required and until the weather improves.

ii) Diverted Traffic through Thornhaugh.
An e-mail has been sent to Highways Agency asking why they routed traffic through Thornhaugh and asking that this not happen again since the road is not suitable. Awaiting response.

iii) Coronavirus
A discussion took place on how the Parish Council can best help the community during the Coronavirus outbreak. It was agreed to prepare a letter with slips for residents to offer help (if they are able) to those who are at high risk and/or live alone.

iv) Footpaths
The fallen tree removed and bridge re-built (thanks to Liam Higgins for initially reporting the issue). Thanks also to both Peter Sharpley and Lee Moore, Peterborough City Council Footpaths’ Officer, for prompt action (e-mails sent). Peter Sharpley has also confirmed that he will ensure that the footpath from Russell Hill to Thornhaugh across his land will be reinstated as soon as possible now that the land is starting to dry out. The Footpaths’ Officer is aware.

v) Tractors Working in the Fields
Advance notice has been received from Peter Sharpley that, now the weather is turning a little and they can get back on the land, there will be quite a lot of tractors working in the fields throughout the day and night and remedy some of the damage and pick up time lost by recent weather problems. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience but it is unavoidable.

vi) Complaint about Bird Scarers
A complaint about the bird scarers has been received. Peter Sharpley has taken remedial action in relation to the start time and has confirmed that they will be gone within the next couple of weeks. It was mooted that the bird scarers are not being used in line with NFU Guidelines. The Chairman will go back to Peter Sharpley and ask him to confirm that they are.

vii) Drains in Meadow Lane
A Complaint has been sent to Peterborough City Council regarding drains in Meadow Lane. Drains were “cleansed”. However, the problem with the drain at the junction of Russell Hill and Meadow Lane has not been resolved and a further request for better remedial action has been lodged. Awaiting response.

viii) Light Pollution
A Complaint has been received about light pollution. A letter has been sent to the resident seeking discussions and/or remedial action. Awaiting response.


The Next Meeting of Thornhaugh Parish Council should take place at 7.00 pm on 18th May 2020 via tele-conferencing. This would have been the Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual General Meeting. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the meetings may have to be postponed. The Clerk will check the rules and regulations regarding APMs and AGMs with NALC.


There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.50 pm. She thanked those for attending what had been a very unusual meeting and wished everyone a safe passage through these very uncertain and unprecedented times.

SIGNED _________________________________ DATE 18/05/20