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Minutes of the Meeting of Thornhaugh Parish Council held on 18th November 2019 in St Andrew’s Church, Thornhaugh

Chris Smith (Chairman)
Louise Molesworth (Vice Chairman)
Ashleigh Kewney
Martin Lewis
Adrian Rodgers

Alan Bolton Frost and Laurence Hall (Members of the Public)
Deirdre McCumiskey, Clerk to the Council

There were apologies for absence from Diane Lamb.

Martin Lewis declared a Non-Pecuniary Interest in Planning Applications 19/01604 & 19/01605 (LBC) Erection of a Shed in garden to south of dwelling at Croft Farm, Meadow Lane, Thornhaugh as he lives next door. He left the room and took no part in the discussion of the Planning Application.

The Clerk to the Parish Council withdrew from the meeting while the matter of her remuneration was discussed.

The Members of the Public had no issues that they wished to raise.

There were no police representatives present. It was noted that there have been a number of thefts reported locally in the past month. Residents are encouraged to be vigilant at all times.

5. MINUTES of the Meeting of Thornhaugh Parish Council held on 16th September 2019 were reviewed, approved and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed by:- Louise Molesworth
Seconded by:- Chris Smith


i) Village Social Event
The Chairman reported that this had been a successful event with 20 residents attending. Thanks were expressed to Alan and Joan Bolton Frost for hosting the event.
ii) Defibrillator
The Chairman reported that although the Rev J Tailby is supportive of the siting of the Defibrillator in the church porch, approval has to be given by the Diocese for fitting a permanent fixture on church property and require a formal application from the Parish Council. The Chairman had circulated a draft application and will finalise it and send it off. As the Diocese Committee only meets every 2 months, a decision is not expected until the New Year.
iii) Christmas Tree Event 2019
This will take place at 6.00 pm on 8th December 2019. Thanks were expressed to Nicki Rogers for producing and delivering the flyers. The Chairman will order the Christmas Tree. Louise Molesworth will purchase the mulled wine and mince pies. The Chairman will liaise with Caroline to organise the carol singing.
iv) Thornhaugh Heritage Project
Martin Lewis reported that Xanthe Pitt had sent him a number of old photographs and other documents. She would like to fund something in the village in her family’s memory. Martin Lewis will produce a flyer informing residents of the project and will distribute it in the New Year.
v) Augean Community Fund
Liam Higgins had sent an e-mail giving information about the Augean Community Fund. It was thought possible that amalgamated projects may be acceptable and that once a potential list of projects is drawn up, that Grantscape can be approached informally to discuss possible eligibility.
vi) Autumn/Winter Hanging Baskets
The Chairman had collected the autumn/winter hanging baskets and had erected them with the help of Penny Lewin-Watts. Thanks were expressed to all who maintain these throughout the year.


i) Planning Application 19/01090 Variation of condition C8 (Ecological management plan) of Planning Permission 13/01374/WCMM at Cooks Hole, Leicester Road, Thornhaugh – Withdrawn by the Applicant

ii) Planning Application 19/01300 Demolition and redevelopment of land for an Electric Vehicle Charging Station providing 20 electric car charging points at Abbotts Wood Service Station, Great North Road, Thornhaugh – Awaiting Decision

iii) Planning Application 19/01195 Removal of 5 existing portacabins, leaving 3 remaining portacabins for ongoing security purposes at Leedsgate Farm, Kings Cliffe Road, Wansford – Awaiting Decision

iv) Planning Applications 19/01604 & 19/01605 (LBC) Erection of a Shed in garden to south of dwelling at Croft Farm, Meadow Lane, Thornhaugh – After discussion, the Parish Council will submit an objection based on the impact this structure has being situated adjacent to three listed buildings and being very much on view in the conservation area.


A CPCA Bus User/Non User Survey has been circulated to the Parish Councillors.


i) Statement and Bank Reconciliation at 31st October 2019 was reviewed and approved as presented.
Proposed by:- Louise Molesworth
Seconded by:- Chris Smith
ii) Bank Signatories
Ashleigh Kewney, Martin Lewis and Louise Molesworth will visit Barclays Bank to obtain certified copies of their personal details and addresses so that the Mandate Form can be completed and submitted.
iii) Thornhaugh & Wansford Parish Council’s Burial Ground Committee
The Clerk will circulate a copy of the Committee’s Constitution to the Parish Councillors. She will also circulate a copy of the Financial Statement at 31st March 2020 when it is available.
iv) Projects 2020
The following items were agreed as potential projects in 2020:- refurbishment of the Telephone Box, refurbishment of the noticeboard at Home Farm, tree/bulb planting, updating the website (the Clerk will invite John Allsopp, Website Designer to the next meeting) and first aid training.
v) Clerk’s Salary Review
After discussion it was agreed to uplift the Clerk’s salary by around 2.5%. This is the first increase in five years and it was thought appropriate to add an increase roughly in line with inflation. Thanks were expressed for the service and support that the Clerk provides to the Parish Council, which is invaluable.
vi) Budget and Precept 2020
Adrian Rodgers went through the Draft Budget. It was provisionally agreed that the Precept will need to be increased by approximately 2% next year (depending on potential grant applications) but the final decision will be made at the January 2020 Meeting.


i) Diary Dates for Village Events 2020
It was agreed that a Summer Event will be held in early June 2020 and the Christmas Tree Event will take place in early December 2020.
ii) Augean Community Liaison Committee
The Clerk will ask Martin Witherington to forward the Agendas and Minutes of any future meetings of the Augean Liaison Committee to the Parish Councillors.


The Next Meeting of Thornhaugh Parish Council will take place at 7.00 pm on 20th January 2020 in St Andrew’s Church.


There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.45 pm

SIGNED _________________________________ DATE 20/01/20