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Minutes of the Third Meeting of the 2016/2017 Parish Council held at 7.00 pm on 26th September 2016 in St Andrew’s Church, Thornhaugh

Brian Watts (Chairman)
Liam Higgins
Louise Molesworth
Chris Smith

Kerry Grice, Cambs Police
Richard Taylor, Cambs Police
Deirdre McCumiskey, Clerk to the Council

There were apologies for absence from Ashleigh Kewney.

There were no Declarations of Interest.

There were no members of the public present.

Richard Taylor, CCTV ANPR Lead Team Coordinator, Police Support Volunteers explained his role and his new powers. The Parish Councillors informed him of concerns about lorry drivers parking on the dedicated cycle path, the amount of rubbish that they leave behind and the fact that they urinate/defecate on the path. Richard Taylor agreed to refer this to the Highways Department.

5. MINUTES of the Second Meeting of the 2016/2017 Parish Council held on 11th July 2016 were reviewed, approved and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed by:- Brian Watts
Seconded by:- Louise Molesworth


i) Home Farm Matters
Ashleigh Kewney was not present and no new Home Farm Matters were raised.
ii) Parking on Verge outside St Andrew’s Church
Brian Watts confirmed he had produced and installed some A5 ‘No Parking’ signs.
iii) Woodview Café
Nigel Barnes, Team Leader Planning Compliance had sent the following e-mail:-

The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended) puts uses of land and buildings into various categories known as ‘Use Classes’. This Order is periodically amended, The General Permitted
Development Order 2015 allows the change of use of land or buildings to and from uses within the same use class without the need for express planning permission As a Truck Stop cafe is a class A3 use and a cafe is also a class A3 use they do not need express planning permission. Truck stop garages are class B2 uses as are most garage/petrol filling stations so again they do not need planning permission for this change of use. You state in your email that a charge is being made. This would not normally be a planning matter. However, if you are implying that the charge is being made for some form of a residential use the residential element may need planning permission. Please advise if there is a residential element. If there is we will open a compliance case and investigate. If there is no residential use I would suggest that there has not been a breach of planning control.

The Parish Councillors agreed that no further action will be taken on this at present.


i) Bus Stop
There was no further update on this issue as Diane Lamb was not present
ii) Meadow Lane Drainage
It was noted that resident Martin Lewis is in correspondence with Peterborough City Council about this issue.
iii) Cutting of Back Lane Hedges/Home Farm Entrance
It was agreed that the Clerk will contact Amey to request that this work is undertaken as soon as possible.
iv) Back Lane Passing Places
It was agreed that no further action will be taken on this at present.
v) Dog Foul Bin
The Dog Foul Bin has been paid for but not delivered because Ashleigh Kewney is struggling to find a suitable location to site the Dog Foul Bin at Home Farm. It was agreed to let him continue to try and find a suitable location.


Planning Application 16/01792 – An Application for Works to Trees situated within a Conservation Area at St Medard House, Russell Hill, Thornhaugh – this was discussed and there were concerns about the justification of felling the trees but it was agreed that the Parish Councillors will be guided by the opinion of Bryan Clary, the Case Officer.


i) Statement and Bank Reconciliation at 31st August 2016 was reviewed and approved as presented
Proposed by:
Brian Watts
Seconded by:– Liam Higgins


i) Christmas Tree
Brian Watts stated that a heavy duty battery can be put into the ex-telephone box to provide power for the Christmas Tree Lights. He will contact Nicki Rogers to discuss the switching on of the Christmas Tree Lights Ceremony which will take place on 4th December 2016.

ii) Re-location of the Slow/Pedestrian Sign
This was discussed but it was agreed the Clerk will contact the Highways Department to request a site visit to discuss the installation of a repeat 40 mph sign near to the gates of Thornhaugh Hall rather than the re-location of the slow/pedestrian sign.
iii) Improvements to Access onto the A1 Northbound from Russell Hill
It was agreed that if the ‘bump’ is removed, a slip road could be created at this junction. It was agreed the Clerk will invite the Highways Department/Agency to attend a future meeting.
iv) Seven Summers
This issue has now been sorted.
v) RAF Wittering Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch
This will be included in the Parish Council’s Report in Living Villages and any Senior Citizen who wishes to attend will be asked to contact the Clerk.
vi) The Old Rectory
The wall outside the Old Rectory looks in poor condition and likely to fall down. Brian Watts agreed to inspect it.
vii) Tree
There is a tree near the public footpath that needs attention. Brian Watts agreed to contact Mike Bradshaw.
viii) Footpath
The footpath around the tip is overgrown and needs attention. The Clerk will report to Mick George.


The Fourth Meeting of the 2016/2017 Parish Council will take place at 7.00 pm on 21st November 2016 in St Andrew’s Church


There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20 pm

SIGNED _________________________________ DATE 21/11/16