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Minutes of the Fifth Meeting of the 2018/2019 Parish Council held on 28th January 2019 in St Andrew’s Church, Thornhaugh

Chris Smith (Chairman)
Ashleigh Kewney
Martin Lewis
Louise Molesworth
Adrian Rodger

Deirdre McCumiskey (Clerk to the Council)

The meeting had been due to take place on 21st January 2019 but would not have been quorate. Apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.

There were apologies for absence from Liam Higgins, Penny Lewin-Watts, Lucy Sharpley and Diane Lamb, Ward Councillor.

There were no declarations of interest.


Further to the two points raised at the last meeting, the Chairman confirmed that Mr A Sharpley had been sent an e-mail regarding his query about parking in Meadow Lane adjacent to the entrance of his field and a request was made to Peter Sharpley to pass on the information to Andrew. it had been established that the Parish Council was not responsible for the poppy wreathes and this was normally done via the Church, as had been the case last November in Wansford.

There were no police representatives present.

5. MINUTES of the Fourth Meeting of the 2018/2019 Parish Council held on 19th November 2018 were reviewed, approved and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed by:- Chris Smith
Seconded by:- Louise Molesworth


i) Statement and Bank Reconciliation at 31st December 2018 was reviewed and approved as presented.
Proposed by:- Chris Smith
Seconded by:- Louise Molesworth

ii) Precept 2019-20
The financial information which had already been circulated was discussed and it was agreed to set the Precept for 2019-20 at £6,557 which is a 3% increase on the previous year and includes the increase in rent for the Christie Hall. It was noted that the Precept has not been increased for at least five years. It was agreed to create a more detailed and cumulative financial spreadsheet for future meetings so that Parish Councillors have a clearer view of the on-going financial situation.


i) Repair of the stone wall at the top of Russell Hill
The work on the repair of the stone wall at the top of Russell Hill has now been completed. The Parish Councillors felt that this is a visual improvement when entering/exiting the village and thanks go to David White of DWG Stonemason for a great job, and of course to Mick George who donated the stone.
ii) Telephone Box (Library)
Louise Molesworth will speak to her decorator again about a formal quote for the work and confirmation on whether or not he will take on the work, which can be any time during the year to suit his workload.
iii) A47 Wansford to Sutton Dualling
Thanks were expressed to Martin Lewis for liaising with Highways England (HE), Crosskeys and Lindsay Searle regarding the issue of the new planned slip road severely affecting access for the residents of the four houses on the A1 southbound carriageway onto he A1. A meeting took place on 26/11/18 and HE has agreed to come back with a possible much safer solution, possible providing access to the rear of the properties.
iv) Provision of a Defibrillator in the Village
Louise Molesworth had been in contact with Wansford Parish Council who had purchased a Community Heartbeat Defibrillator at a cost of £3,000 plus £150 annual maintenance. She will invite Community Heartbeat to speak at a future Parish Council Meeting, hopefully 20th May 2019. An article will be put into Living Village giving more detailed information to residents since the Parish Council will not be able to fund the cost of the Defibrillator, and fund raising or sponsorship will be required if the village residents show an appetite to have a Defibrillator available in the village.
v) Hanging Baskets
Martin Lewis had found out the costs of using a Wisbech wholesaler – c £20 for a 16” basket. This does not include delivery/hanging the baskets. Several Parish Councillors volunteered to fetch the baskets and help install them. He will find out when the baskets will be available and will order 10 baskets for the Spring.
vi) Speeding Motorists in the Village
Thanks were expressed to Nicki Rogers for designing and printing the flyers discouraging speeding in the village at a discounted cost of £40. These have been distributed to all residents and there are some spares left for future use. Diane Lamb had obtained some 30-mph stickers for the rubbish bins but these are unsuitable as there are only 20-mph and 40-mph limits in the village. The Clerk will return these to Diane Lamb.
vii) A1 Access and Exit Signage and Layby
There were no further updates available despite chasing e-mails. The last communication confirmed that application would need to be made for permanent closure but there was no news on a temporary closure whilst the application is considered. The Chairman will follow this up with the Highways Agency.
viii)Christmas Events
Thanks were expressed to Mick and Anne Castellano for hosting the Christmas Party, Nicki Rogers for providing the Christmas Tree and the Parish Council for funding the refreshments for the Christmas Tree Lights Switch-on. £65 had been collected for the Children’s Society.
ix) Footpath Committee
There were no further updates available.
x) Planning Application 18/01358 – Conversion of farm barns to provide two holiday lets and erection of cart shed at Croft Farm, Meadow Lane, Thornhaugh
The Planning Re-Consultation has now been approved
xi) Light Pollution from the Shell Garage
The adjustments to two flood lights at the Shell Garage has decreased the light pollution across the fields to the village. A request for better hedge screening has been made to the owners of the fuel station (The Motor Fuel Group). We are awaiting a response.
xii) Policy on GDPR
The GDPR Policy is now on the Parish Council Website.
xiii) Draft Policy on Declaring Conflicts of Interest
The Chairman had circulated this prior to the meeting. This was discussed and approved at the meeting and It will be put onto the Parish Council Website.
xiv) Draft Policy on Business Procedures
The Chairman had circulated this prior to the meeting. Following discussion, it was agreed that Councillors would e-mail any amendments to the Draft Policy and subsequently put on the Parish Council Website.
xv) Draft Policy on Council Composition
The Chairman had circulated a discussion document prior to the meeting. Following discussion, a way forward was agreed and the Chairman agreed to e-mail he three co-opted volunteers with a summary of the discussion and agreed way forward.


There was no further correspondence that had not already been circulated by e-mail.


i) Thornhaugh Conservation Area Appraisal
As not all of the Parish Councillors had had time read this 40-page document, it was agreed to delay making any comments, the deadline for which is 17th February 2019. It was agreed that Councillors will e-mail their thoughts and a consensus view would then be sent to PCC. The Clerk will re-send the link to Ashleigh Kewney, Martin Lewis and Louise Molesworth.
ii) Possibility of Getting Mains Gas in the Village
It was noted that we are not aware of any plans at present to bring gas into the village and that in any event this would not normally be part of the Parish Council remit. Residents are able to register a personal interest online which is reviewed regularly by suppliers to look at the financial viability of providing a service.
iii) Faster Broadband to the Village
As with the comment in ii) above, it was noted we are not aware of any plans at present but residents are able to register personal interest online.


The Next Meeting of Thornhaugh Parish Council will take place at 7.00 pm on 18th March 2019 in St Andrew’s Church.


There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00 pm

SIGNED _________________________________ DATE 18/03//19