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Minutes of the Fifth Meeting of the 2011/2012 Parish Council
held at 7.15 pm on Tuesday 10th January 2012
In St Andrew’s Church

William Rogers (Chairman)
Liam Higgins
Ian Holesworth
Brian Watts

6 Members of the Public
John Holdich (Ward Councillor)
Diane Lamb (Ward Councillor)
Deirdre McCumiskey, Clerk to the Council

There were apologies for absence from Martin Witherington.

There were no declarations of interest.

The Members of the Public raised the following issues:-

• Stolen Grit Bin at top of Russell Hill at junction with A47 (this was reported to Police, and PCC has ordered a replacement)
• Continuing problems with drivers who park on Access Slip on A1 Southbound opposite Thornhaugh Gap (the Clerk has requested start date for the proposed work from the Highways Agency)

4. MINUTES of the Fourth Meeting of the 2011/2012 Parish Council held on Tuesday 1st November 2011 were reviewed, approved and signed by the Chairman.

Proposed by:- William Rogers
Seconded by:- Brian Watts


i) Home Farm Matters
Martin Witherington was absent and therefore Home Farm Matters were not discussed.
ii) A1/Thornhaugh Gap Issues
The Clerk had requested the start date for the proposed work at the A1/Thornhaugh Gap from the Highways Agency who had agreed to contact the contractors for the start date.
iii) Thornhaugh Parish Council Precept
Liam Higgins explained that the formula for the Precept was based on the number of properties in different bands and adjusted for residents receiving Council Tax Benefit/Single Person Occupancy Reduction and residents who failed to pay Council Tax. He has the figures available if anyone is interested in looking at them.
iv) Royal Diamond Jubilee
A discussion took place about the proposed party at Brian Watts’ home which will take place on Sun 3rd or Mon 4th June 2012. Brian will design a poster advertising the party and will ask people to let him know what food contributions they will bring along. Brian will find out about obtaining bunting. William Rogers will order a portaloo and ask Mick to provide musical entertainment. Some ideas that were mooted included:- a village photo; a quiz and a treasure hunt. John Holdich stated that PCC has put aside a sum to celebrate the Royal Diamond Jubilee and organisations will be able to apply for grants.
v) Bus Stop/Shelter
The Clerk had been informed by PCC that the Bus Stop on the A1 Northbound will remain but the Bus Shelter will be demolished as it is unsafe and a sign on a pole erected in its place.
vi) Speeding in the Village
William Rogers reported on a meeting with Clair George, Road Safety Officer, PCC that he had attended with Brian Watts to discuss the problem of speeding in the village. Clair had provided the results of a survey undertaken in the village in November 2011 which showed 5.37% of vehicles exceeded 35 mph eastbound to the A1 and 3.54% of vehicles exceeded 35 mph westbound to the A47. The survey will be repeated as it was felt that the speed camera was not best placed to accurately record the amount of speeding that occurs. Some of the ideas that had been mooted included the re-marking ‘slow’ on the road and possible additional marking on other side of carriageway; and the possible moving of national speed limit sign and views on implementing a 20mph speed limit. The Clerk will ask Clair to ensure the next survey will also record the time of day when vehicles exceed the speed limit. John Holdich and Diane Lamb have purchased “Kill Your Speed” stickers for the wheelie bins in an attempt to reduce speeding on the wheelie bin collection day.


• PCC – Consultation on Conservation Area Trees Notification – Fell one Magnolia Tree at 5 Russell Hill, Thornhaugh (Noted)
• PCC – Consultation on Conservation Area Trees Notification – Fell one Blue Atlas Cedar at Greyside, Russell Hill, Thornhaugh & Notification to Carry Out Work (Noted)
• PCC – Consultation on Minerals Waste Application – Importation of inert material for recycling and infill to achieve a beneficial restoration to agricultural land at Thornhaugh Quarry (Comments already submitted to PCC)
• PCC – Acknowledgement of TPC’s observations on Consultation on Minerals/Waste Application 11/01711 (Noted)
• RAF Wittering – Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch (Noted – this was thoroughly enjoyed by those who attended and the Clerk will write a thank-you letter to RAF Wittering)
• PCC – Public Footpath Stopping Up Order (Noted)
• RBL – Memorandum of Rent Review (Noted)
• PCC – Consultation of Without Compliance. Variation of Condition C1 of Planning Permission 10/01659 – Augean will be unable to replace the temporary flare by 30/12/11 at Augean Thornhaugh Landfill Site, Leicester Road, Thornhaugh (Noted)
• PCC – Consultation on Conservation Area Trees Notification – Fell 2 Eucalyptus Trees at 9 Russell Hill, Thornhaugh (Noted)


i) Statement and Bank Reconciliation at 10th January 2012 was reviewed and approved as presented

Proposed by:- William Rogers
Seconded by:- Brian Watts

ii) Parish Precept 2012-2013
Peterborough City Council has reduced their contribution to the Parish Precept for 2012-2013. William Rogers proposed that the Net Parish Expenses should be reduced by 5% from £5,050 to £4,800 therefore reducing the Net Parish Precept from £4,738 to £4,715. This was seconded by Brian Watts and agreed by all present.

iii) Subscription to Journal of Local Planning
It was agreed not to subscribe to this.


i) Footpath
Brian Watts reported that he and Martin Witherington had cleared all the tree branches off the footpath. William Rogers will speak to Mr K Joyce about who is responsible for the trees next to the footpath in the woods around Thornhaugh Hall.
ii) Installation of Seat
William Rogers reported that the new village seat has been delivered and needs to be fixed down. As its fixings are different from the current village seat, new fixings may need to be obtained. Ian Holesworth stated he has some spare paving slabs which could be used. Brian Watts agreed to look at the current village seat to ascertain what new fixings need to be obtained.
iii) Tree Management
Parish Councils need to provide tree management for any trees situated on Parish Council land. Although Thornhaugh Parish Council does not own have any Parish Council land, it was agreed that the Parish Council will encourage local landowners to monitor and manage trees on their land. Liam Higgins agreed to promote responsible tree management within the village.


Brian Watts stated he had attended a recent meeting of the Christie Hall Management Committee and would e-mail the Minutes to the Parish Councillors.

Liam Holesworth stated he had noticed that the amount of dog foul has increased recently. It was agreed to monitor this.

Liam Holesworth stated he had been approached by a resident who was concerned about the stability of the church wall. Although it was noted that this is not the responsibility of the Parish Council, it was agreed the Clerk will report this to Alan Tresadern.

John Holdich stated that there are funds available to replace any missing or damaged street signs. Brian Watts said the Meadow Lane street sign needs attention and he would forward details to John Holdich.

It was agreed to invite Julie Rivett to attend the next Parish Council Meeting to talk on producing a Village Plan


Sixth Meeting of the 2011/2012 Council will take place on Tuesday 13th March 2012 at 7.00 pm on in St Andrew’s Church.


There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.25 pm

SIGNED _________________________________ DATE 13/03/12