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Minutes of the Second Meeting of the 2011/2012 Parish Council
held at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 12th July 2011
In St Andrew’s Church

William Rogers (Chairman)
Liam Higgins
Ian Molesworth
Martin Witherington

Five Members of the Public
Kirsten Bennett, Cambs ACRE
Matthew Hogan, PCC
Deirdre McCumiskey, Clerk to the Council

Guest Speaker – Kirsten Bennett, Cambs ACRE on “Affordable Rural Housing”

Kirsten Bennett gave an interesting and informative talk about “Affordable Rural Housing”.  It was agreed to discuss this issue at the next meeting to see if the Parish Councillors felt they would like to pursue this further by means of a Housing Needs Survey.

There were apologies for absence from Brian Watts and Cllr John Holdich.

There were no declarations of interest.

The members of the public present were still concerned about the inappropriate use of the access slip in front of the four houses on the A1 South opposite the Thornhaugh Gap.  They were still experiencing problems with motorists using the access slip as a lay-by thus blocking their driveways.  They were also still experiencing anti-social behaviour with motorists urinating in the bushes; this had included a recent incident perpetrated by a Highways Division employee.  The Clerk had reported the anti-social behaviour to the Police and will ask the Police for an update of any action they had taken.

Although the members of the public had been informed by Wendy Gray, Highways Division Route Performance Administrator that, due to financial restraints, there were no funds available to try and alleviate the problems, William Rogers stated that Highways Division had now agreed to fund a “No Parking” sign and double yellow lines subject to approval by the Police.

The members of the public were concerned about the number of tyres being dumped at the derelict petrol station on the A1 South near Thornhaugh.  The Clerk will report to the Environmental Health Department.

The members of the public present were still concerned about speeding motorists in the village.  The Clerk reported that Peter Tebb, Network Team Manager had stated he did not feel that installing Vehicle Activated Signs would deal with the problem.  One member of the public suggested installing Rumble strips which are a road safety feature that alert inattentive drivers to potential danger by causing a tactile vibration and audible rumbling, transmitted through the wheels into the car body.   The Clerk will contact Peter Tebb for his opinion on whether this would be possible.

The members of the public were concerned about the large potholes on the Wansford Roundabout on the A47.  The Clerk will report to the Highways Division.

One member of the public was concerned about vehicles turning safely onto the A47 from Bone Mill Cottages, Old Oundle Road where driveways are concealed from the road.  The Clerk will ask the Highways Division whether a “Concealed Access” sign could be installed.

4.    MINUTES of the Inaugural Meeting of the 2011/2012 Parish Council held on Tuesday 17th May 2011 were reviewed, approved and signed by the Chairman.

Proposed by:- Williams Rogers
Seconded by:- Martin Witherington


i)    Home Farm Matters
Martin Witherington asked for an update on the request for double white lines to be painted on the A47 where it passes the Landfill Site and Home Farm entrance to try and prevent any accidents. It was suggested he contact John Holdich for an update.  He also gave a report about his attempts to get Home Farm included in the Thornhaugh Village Envelope

ii)    A1/Thornhaugh Gap Issues
A meeting had taken place on 8th June 2011 between two Parish Councillors and William Jones of Atkins to discuss the proposed work to permanently close the A1 Thornhaugh Gap.  A survey has been undertaken to monitor the amount of pedestrians crossing the A1 at the Thornhaugh Gap.  The work to permanently close the A1 Thornhaugh Gap to traffic will be completed by April 2012.

iii)    Village Seat
The Clerk confirmed that she had received a payment of £862.00 from the Community Leadership Fund towards the purchase of the Village Seat which had now been ordered and delivery is due about October/November 2011.

iv)    Thornhaugh Parish Council Precept
It was reported Liam Higgins is in the process of pursing why it had been reported that Thornhaugh has the highest Council Tax in the Peterborough City Council area.  His findings will be discussed at the next meeting.

v)    Planning Applications 11/00256 and 11/00257 – Seven Summers, Russell Hill, Thornhaugh
Planning Permission has been granted for a replacement four-bed dwelling and detached garage with store/games room above and the demolition of existing dwelling at Seven Summers, Russell Hill, Thornhaugh.


•    PCC – Grant Listed Building Consent 11/00571 for demolition of existing conservatory and construction of single storey rear and side extensions at 2 Russell Hill, Thornhaugh (Noted)
•    PCC – Peterborough’s Trees and Woodland Strategy (Noted)
•    PCC – Parish Liaison Committee (Noted)
•    PCC – Grant Planning Permission 11/00256 and 11/00257 at Seven Summers, Russell Hill, Thornhaugh (See Above)
•    RAF – Flying Operations (Noted)
•    Cambridgeshire ACRE – Community Action Summer 2011 (Taken by Martin Witherington)
•    PCC –  Jim Daley, Principal Built Environment Officer, Planning Services suggesting a visit to walk through the village to update Inset Map 23 for Thornhaugh which identifies local features such as protected green and open space, treed/hedged frontages and wall and railings (protected under Policy DA9 of the current Local Plan) (It was agreed that Martin Witherington would arrange to meet Jim Daley)


It was agreed to advertise on the Website, Noticeboard and in Living Villages for suggestions on how the village could celebrate the Royal Diamond Jubilee which takes place 2nd – 5th June 2012


i)    Statement and Bank Reconciliation at 12th July 2011 was reviewed and approved as presented

Proposed by:-  William Rogers
Seconded by:-  Martin Witherington    )



Brian Watts had submitted a report that the British Legion has agreed to a nil increase in the Rent Review for the Christie Hall.  This has been achieved by the input of Paul Styles, acting on behalf of the Parish Councils, and he will advise the Parish Councils when the agreement is signed and sealed.

Martin Witherington gave a report on a recent meeting of Parish Councils that he had attended.  He had been asked whether Thornhaugh Parish Council wanted to consider undertaking a Village Plan.  It was agreed that he would invite a Guest Speaker to talk on “Undertaking a Village Plan” to the next meeting.



Third Meeting of the 2011/2012 Council will take place at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 13th September 2011 in St Andrew’s Church.   A Guest Speaker will give a talk on “Undertaking a Village Plan”.


11.    CLOSURE

There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.35 pm


SIGNED    _________________________________        DATE        13/09/11