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Minutes of the Annual General  Meeting of  Thornhaugh and Wansford Parish Burial Ground Committee  held on Wednesday, 11th. May, 2011 at Elberry House, Thornhaugh.

Alan Tresadern (Chairman) AT
Tim Pearson TP (Chairman, Wansford PC)
Graham Ward  GW (Wansford PC)
Hubert Warren, HW (Clerk to the Committee)
David Stuart-Mogg  (Wansford Parishioner)

Simon Hurn (Maintenance Contractor)

1.    AT welcomed David Stuart-Mogg to the meeting as a former member of the Committee  who explained that he was present to ask for support and financial help to repair the continuing deterioration of the early nineteenth century altar/table top tomb  in St. Mary’s Churchyard of  merchant Pank Medmore,  a distinguished resident of Wansford who served as a Parish Constable and generously funded the installation of a loft/galley at the tower end of St. Mary’s  Church to accommodate what was at that time, a growing congregation.

The Committee agreed that this tomb was an important local historic monument which should be preserved for future generations, but while maintenance of St. Mary’s Churchyard was primarily the responsibility of Peterborough City Council, this did not extend to repairs to gravestones.

AT   reminded the Committee that its funds were normally exclusively for the upkeep of the joint parish burial ground in St. Andrew’s Churchyard and care must always be taken not to set precedents, although financial help had been given in the past for necessary work on St. Mary’s Churchyard trees.

HW believed that it was important to remember that Wansford’s annual contribution was in fact a third greater than Thornhaugh’s  and a neighbourly gesture without setting a historical precedent  was eminently justifiable in this particular case as it could not be funded  by the PCC.

After further discussion, the Committee was unanimously in favour of supporting the project, pending the approval of Canon Christie which will be sought by AT as soon as possible.

Proposed by:-   Tim Pearson
Seconded by:-   Graham Ward

David Stuart-Mogg also sought the views of the Committee regarding the possible return to Thornhaugh of the ancient bell following the imminent closure of Stamford Museum where it has been on display for many years. Although not within the remit of the Committee, it was very much hoped that Canon Christie and the PCC would endeavour to ensure the return of the bell for display in its rightful home.

2.     MINUTES of the Fifteenth Meeting of the  Committee held on Wednesday 12th. January 2011  were reviewed, confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

Proposed by:-   Graham Ward
Seconded by:-  Tim Pearson

3.              MATTERS ARISING

i)        Churchyard path extension
AT reported that he was very disappointed that the  proposed extension of the path by approx 16 metres to provide a continuous path round the Church and replacement of the lock on the boiler house had not yet been carried out and he would take this matter up with Simon Hurn.

ii)    Maintenance progress report
AT reported that the scheduled programme of maintenance agreed by the Committee (circulated with the Minutes of the March meeting) had not been fully carried out because of the severe winter weather conditions.

TP reported on the post-winter state of the roses and the Committee agreed that he should purchase and replace any ailing specimens and whatever fertilizers, food etc.was necessary.

The Aubretia was well established on the main path softening the appearance of the sandstone slabs and the Lavender bushes were also looking well.
There was however, a potential necessity to carry out more general weeding which AT will discuss with Simon Hurn, together with the possibility of his occasionally engaging the temporary help he called on last year to fully cope efficiently with the agreed maintenance schedule throughout the year.

iii)    New gate proposal.
HW reported that he had obtained a further quote for a new gate with arch and lantern together with an accompanying sketch, but due to the cost involved,  he suggested that because the Church was floodlit at night and there were now no evening services, the idea of the arch and lantern was perhaps superfluous and proposed reverting to a simpler design incorporating if possible the St. Andrew’s shield in the centre of the two sections of the gate.

For the sake of good order, when a new sketch and quotation has been obtained AT will consult Canon Christie for his approval and that of the PCC.



The financial statement as at 11th. May, 2011 was circulated and unanimously approved.

HW has issued the necessary invoices for  the agreed 2011/2012 financial contributions from both Parish Councils (£2,000 Wansford PC and £1,500 Thornhaugh PC) subject to 75% subsidy by Peterborough City Council as recorded in the respective parish precepts.

When these have been received the finances of the Committee will be in good order to enable it to continue with a programme of maintenance and improvements, including the proposed new gate and (hopefully) a resurfaced main path.

A budget will be prepared by the Chairman and Clerk for approval at the next meeting.

Proposed by:-   Graham Ward
Seconded by:-   Tim Pearson

5.        DATE of NEXT MEETING

Elberry House, Wednesday, 22nd. June, 2011 at 7.30 p.m.


There being no further business to discuss,  AT closed the meeting at 8.50 p.m.

Hubert Warren
Clerk to the committe

Copies:  Canon Christie
Deirdre McCumiskey, Clerk to Thornhaugh Parish Council
Wendy Gray, Clerk to Wansford Parish Council