Minutes of the Second Meeting of  Thornhaugh and Wansford Parish Burial Ground Committee 2011/2012 held on Wednesday, 6th. July, 2011 at Elberry House, Thornhaugh

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Alan Tresadern (Chairman) AT
Tim Pearson TP (Chairman, Wansford PC)
Hubert Warren, HW (Clerk to the Committee)

Graham Ward  GW (Wansford PC)

1.    TP  explained that Graham Ward’s house was on the market and as he would be leaving Wansford, he would not be able to attend any more meetings. TP would do his best to recruit another representative for Wansford PC

2.    As it was a fine evening HW proposed an adjournment to visit the Churchyard for a general inspection and discussion on continuing maintenance and improvements.

The proposed new gate for which HW had obtained preliminary sketches with estimated costs was first on the agenda  and it was agreed that as discussed at the May meeting, the new design would not include an arch and lantern as there were now no evening services and the Church is very effectively floodlit at night throughout the year from nightfall to midnight. There is also an exterior lantern and lit porch available for Thornhaugh PC and/or PCC meetings when required.

The Contractor for the new gate had in the past installed a very attractive gate for a private house in the Village, the basic design and structure of which provided a good basis for the production of a gate commensurate with the criteria required for the churchyard.

AT provided a quick sketch of what the finished product should look like,  including a plaque of the flag of  St. Andrew  on each of the two sections of the gate and practical ring handles.

HW to arrange an early site meeting with AT and the Contractor to finalise the arrangements.

Before returning to Elberry House, the Committee did a tour of inspection and discussed:-

i)    The possibility of trees on  the west boundary to hide the neighbouring buildings and caravan without obscuring the wall.

ii)    The extension of the main path. now to be undertaken by a local tradesman.

iii)    Replacement of ailing specimens in the rose border and possibly the vigorous lavender.

iv)    Weeding and infilling the untended curbed graves with suitable gravel (This proposition to be notified to possible relatives in “Living Villages”)

3.     MINUTES of the AGM of the Committee held on Wednesday 11th. May, 2011  were reviewed, confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

Proposed:  from the chair (AT):-
Seconded by:-  TP                                            )

4.              MATTERS ARISING

i)        Pank Medmore tomb repair (Wansford Churchyard)
The Committee’s decision to fund this without prejudice and with a proviso that it must not be regarded as setting a precedent will be explained to the PCC by Canon Christie at its July meeting.

ii)        Main path extension
It was agreed that in view of the heavy workload of Simon Hurn following the effects of the severe winter, AT  will arrange for the extension of the path to be undertaken by a  local tradesman.

HW hoped that the resurfacing of the main path will remain on the list of desirable objectives for the Committee as it is still unpleasantly muddy in wet weather.   Furthermore, the number of weddings in the Church throughout the year has considerably increased and long white bridal dresses, trains and elegant shoes are obviously in danger of serious soilage.


The financial statement as at 6th. July, 2011 was circulated and unanimously approved.

Proposed:-   From the Chair (AT)
Seconded by:-   TP

5.        DATE of NEXT MEETING

To be advised


There being no further business to discuss,  AT closed the meeting at 8.55 p.m.

Hubert Warren
Clerk to the Committee

Copies:  Canon Christie
Deirdre McCumiskey, Clerk to Thornhaugh Parish Council
Wendy Gray, Clerk to Wansford Parish Council