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Minutes of the Third Meeting of the 2010/2011 Parish Council held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 21st September 2010 In St Andrew’s Church


William Rogers (Chairman)
Liam Higgins
Brian Watts


Deirdre McCumiskey, Clerk to the Council




No declarations of personal or prejudicial interest on agenda items were made by any member of the Council.


There were no members of the public present.

4.    MINUTES of the Second Meeting of the 2010/2011 Parish Council held on Wednesday 14th July 2010 were reviewed, approved and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed by:-    Brian Watts
Seconded by:-    Liam Higgins


i)    Signage for Meadow Lane
It was noted that it had been agreed that the signs at either end of the village would be different – one “junction ahead” and one “pedestrians in the road ahead” – both triangular to be erected on new posts.  The thinking behind the “junction ahead” sign was that the junction is hidden by the curvature in the road; it highlights the possibility of vehicles pulling out in front of the driver and the Parish Council was also concerned about the speed of vehicles entering the side road and thus the hatching was included in the road to visually reduce the apparent width to drivers.  Mr P Tebb Network Team Manager, PCC had indicated the changing of the sign would be approximately £100.  It was agreed to change the “junction ahead” to “pedestrians in the road ahead” sign.

ii)    Peterborough CC Natural Environmental Projects Grant 2010/11
The Clerk had obtained an application form for this Grant.  It was agreed to pass this onto Martin Witherington for action.

iii)    Twisted Willow in Burial Ground
It was noted that the Burial Ground Committee had stated it will review the planting of the Twisted Willow during the autumn and advise accordingly and will meet with the complainant to discuss existing root damage.

iv)    Parish Council Website
It was agreed that the Parish Councillors will look at two local Websites (RBL and Glinton Parish Council) and discuss at the next meeting.  Cllr J Holdich had indicated there may be some funding available for the setting up of a Website from Peterborough City Council.

v)    Highway Matters
The Clerk confirmed she had informed Mr B Rowcroft, Highways Officer, PCC of all the highway matters brought up at the last meeting.  He had stated the repair of the village seat was the responsibility of the Parish Council and PCC employed their own workers to repair seats.  He had stated the overgrown trees were the responsibility of the occupiers but PCC would be willing to write to the occupiers if they were supplied with names and addresses.

vi)    Footpaths
As Martin Witherington was absent, it was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting.


•    Notice of Granting of Planning Permission 10/00531/FUL – Conservatory to the rear of 15 Russell Hill, Thornhaugh (Noted)
•    David Ellis – Glinton Website (see under Matters Arising)
•    Alan Tresadern – Willow Tree in Churchyard (see under Matters Arising)
•    Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Minerals and Waste Plan (Noted and taken by Liam Higgins)
•    Helen Edwards – Declaration of Interest at Parish Council Meeting (    Noted)
•    Pestforce    (Noted)
•    Northamptonshire County Council – Northamptonshire Minerals and Waste Development Framework Core Strategy Development Plan Document (the Clerk will obtain a copy)
•    Peterborough City Council – Tackling Anti Social Behaviour    (Noted and taken by William Rogers)
•    Augean PLC – Cook’s Hole Quarry     (As Martin Witherington was absent, it was agreed to discuss this in more detail at the next meeting)
•    PCC – Consultation on Certificate of Lawfulness (Existing) – Use of dwelling house without complying and removal of agricultural ie condition C3 of planning permission 91/P0703 a Magnolia House, Old Oundle Road, Thornhaugh (No Objections)
•    PCC – Consultation on Listed Building Application – Removal of existing window and brickwork below and installation of hardwood, half-glazed double doors and frame at The Old Dairy, Home Farm, Leicester Road, Thornhaugh (No Objections)
•    Suffolk Acre – Insurance Renewal    (The Clerk will ascertain the estimated value of the BT Phone Box and any additional premium for adding this to the Insurance Policy)


i)    Statement and Bank Reconciliation at 1st September 2010 was reviewed and approved as presented
Proposed by:-    William Rogers
Seconded by:-    Brian Watts

ii)    Change of Signatories for Barclays Bank
William Rogers had now presented verification of his identity and address to Barclays Bank.  The Clerk will ask Ian Holdsworth to do the same so that the change of signatories for Barclays Bank can be completed.


Brian Watts stated he would speak as Chairman of Christie Hall Management Committee, rather than the Parish Council’s Representative to the Christie Hall Management Committee.  He gave a précis of the history of the management of Christie Hall from its formation up to the present.  It was noted that representatives from Thornhaugh, Stibbington and Wansford Parish Councils were planning to meet shortly to discuss the rent increase due in February 2011.  It was noted that the Christie Hall Management Committee were due to meet on 7th October 2010.  Brian Watts stated he would e-mail an Information Sheet on Parish Councils & Village Halls to all the Parish Councillors.  William Rogers stated he would forward an e-mail from Richard Clarke, Chairman of Wansford Parish Council to Parish Councillors for their comments.


Liam Higgins raised the possibility of a merger between Thornhaugh and Wansford Parish Councils because of:- (a) lack of interest of residents willing to become Parish Councillors and (b) to avoid duplication as many of the local issues discussed impact on both Parish Councils.

Brian Watts stated there will always be a lack of interest of residents willing to become Parish Councillors but if plans were drawn-up for a possible merger between Thornhaugh and Wansford Parish Councils, it is likely that residents would become very interested in preventing this!

William Rogers stated that the Parish Council would continue in its present form for the next 3 ½ years but the issue would be discussed again in the future.

10.    AUGEAN

As Martin Witherington was absent, it was agreed to discuss this in more detail at the next meeting.

Liam Higgins stated he was concerned about light pollution at the site.  It was agreed the Clerk will contact Augean to enquire whether the security lights could be shielded away from the village.


It was noted that Martin Witherington had expressed an interest in attending a Parish Councillors’ Training Course to be held at Glinton Village Hall.  The Clerk will inform the Clerk to Glinton Parish Council accordingly.

It was noted that no-one had been able to attend the Parish Watch AGM.  The Clerk had submitted the Chairman’s apologies.


Fourth Meeting of the 2010/2011 Council will take place at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 16th November 2010 in St Andrew’s Church.

13.    CLOSURE

There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.10 pm

SIGNED    _________________________________        DATE        16/11/10