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Thornhaugh village lies west of the A1, seven miles southeast of Stamford. Its name is derived from the Anglo Saxon and means a thorn enclosed low-lying meadow beside a stream. There is evidence of a settlement as far back as the 12th century and for many centuries the population would have consisted of land owners, farmers, clergymen, millers and workers on the land, in the woods and quarries. Thornhaugh is a village with a small static population but the area within the parish is one of the largest in the county of Cambridgeshire. It was declared a conservation area in 1979 and residents benefit from the peace and quiet of living in a small village rather than a busy town.

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    Parish Council Response:

    Thanks for your enquiry. There is no need to seek permission for hedge management. Please see the comment from the City Council Tree Officer below:

    Best regards

    Chris (Chair)

    Peterborough City Council Response:

    Regarding pruning hedges in a conservation area or otherwise, there is no need to notify or obtain consent from PCC, as hedges are not protected and cannot be protected by a TPO.

    Hedges in the open countryside (not a hedgerow boundary of a domestic property) are protected as far as a Hedge Removal Notice is required if it is proposed to be removed.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Kind regards


    Stephen Chesney-Beales
    Tree Officer