Thornhaugh & Wansford Parish Councils' Burial Ground Committee

Responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the official burial ground for the parishes of Thornhaugh and Wansford within the curtilage of the Churchyard of St Andrew’s Thornhaugh, was passed by Thornhaugh and Wansford Parochial Church Council to Thornhaugh Parish Council on 1st January 2008.

Thornhaugh Parish Council in association with Wansford Parish Council formed a committee to manage the burial ground, which for purposes of audit and VAT is constituted as a Committee of Thornhaugh Parish Council, comprising two nominated members from each of the two aforementioned Parish Councils.

The objectives of the Committee are to maintain the Burial Ground to an acceptable standard in such ways as the Committee shall determine from time to time to ensure that the funding provided annually by Peterborough City Council and the two Parish Councils is spent wisely and well in every year.

The current members of the Committee are: Robert Reeve and Louise Molesworth (Thornhaugh) and Tim Pearson and Graham Garner (Wansford).

The Clerk is Deirdre McCumiskey and she can be contacted on 01780 782668 or